Progressive Punjab Agri Tech 2014

  • India’s Agri Sector is globally well known for its large and varied products.
  • Rapid developments in the field of Agri Technology has led to enhanced productivity & diversification.
  • Growing Export market has further boosted the agro & allied Industry.
  • The answer to sustainable growth in the sector is continuing up-gradation of Technology and the same to reach to each and every Farmer across India.
  • AGRI-TECH’14 is being held with the very objective i.e. to reach out to farmers through stake holders of Technology. Punjab will host the 4 day Agri-tech’14  
  • Punjab ,the  food bowl of India has been learning ground for agriculturists, scientists, and farmers. Even before the green revolution, the farmer community in Punjab was known for its agricultural practices. Till date small farmers in states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, praise the skills of farmers from Punjab and wish to have land and production like the fertile region of Punjab.
  • Punjab , (MOHALI) will be the host to the 4 day AGRI-TECH 2014